lisa's reviews

Reading is the only thing in the world I am good at. A lifetime of reading, fifteen years of working in bookstores, and libraries, and an obsession with the written word makes me qualified enough to talk someone's ear off about books.  Now I am getting more ARCs than I have room for in the house.  Let me get back to reading them!

The House Girl - Tara Conklin It took me forever to get through this book. I just couldn't get into the characters, and I didn't care about them at all. I didn't care if Josephine escaped from slavery, I didn't care if Lina discovered the truth about her artwork. I also didn't like the "mystery" of Lina's mother, which I thought was a terrible subplot. I should have just put this book aside, but I have heard such great things about it that I kept thinking that it would get better. It didn't, and the whole thing collapsed into a mess at the end.