lisa's reviews

Reading is the only thing in the world I am good at. A lifetime of reading, fifteen years of working in bookstores, and libraries, and an obsession with the written word makes me qualified enough to talk someone's ear off about books.  Now I am getting more ARCs than I have room for in the house.  Let me get back to reading them!

Safekeeping - Karen Hesse I was completely hooked from the first page of this novel about a world turned upside down. The descriptions of walking through Vermont and into Canada during political upheaval were sad, yet vivid. I read almost the whole thing in one day, and I loved the way it turned out. The only thing that bugged me was the vague way the world's events were described. We never really know what happened the turn America upsidedown, or why everything is suddenly ok again. (And why did someone offer to buy her pillaged house? That came out of nowhere.) I understand our limited understanding of what is going on is supposed to mirror the character's own, but I felt like I wanted to hear more of the back story.