lisa's reviews

Reading is the only thing in the world I am good at. A lifetime of reading, fifteen years of working in bookstores, and libraries, and an obsession with the written word makes me qualified enough to talk someone's ear off about books.  Now I am getting more ARCs than I have room for in the house.  Let me get back to reading them!

NOS4A2 - Joe Hill On the one hand I wanted to keep reading this book to find out what happened at the end. It was an interesting enough story, but on the other hand, the book was way, way too long. If it had been up to me I would have cut at least 300 pages, maybe more. There were a lot of scenes that I thought really didn't need to be there. I understand the author actually took out a lot of backstory that will eventually become a separate graphic novel, but he could have taken out so much more. It kind of felt like a chore (a pleasant chore, but still a chore) to read this book to the end.