lisa's reviews

Reading is the only thing in the world I am good at. A lifetime of reading, fifteen years of working in bookstores, and libraries, and an obsession with the written word makes me qualified enough to talk someone's ear off about books.  Now I am getting more ARCs than I have room for in the house.  Let me get back to reading them!

Big Brother: A Novel - Lionel Shriver Such an oddly told story..... The first part of the book was so sad, and the second part was perplexing. Why would anyone lose so much weight only drinking some shady powders, and get it off so easily with no other health consequences like excess skin? But then in the third part of the book everything that hadn't made any sense at all about the story became clear, and I found I liked it so much better by the end. Still, I did not like the overwritten sentences (some of which made no sense) and I wish an editor had taken the author more to task with them.